How It Works

Open the app

Press “Match” to start looking for your match.

3 Minute Video Date

Go on a quick, 3 minute date with your match to get to know each other and see if you have chemistry.

Like & Continue the Conversation

If you and your match like each other, you can continue the conversation in the app.

Why ever?

Online dating is broken. You swipe a lot, you text a lot, and once you’ve done a lot of both, you finally get a chance to say hello face-to-face. That’s assuming, of course, the person you’ve swiped and texted is real and interested in meeting.

Ever gets you straight to the face-to-face interaction that lets you get a real sense of the person you’re speaking with. You have 10 seconds before the date starts to take a look at your match and cancel if you’re not attracted. Then 3 minutes to chat face-to-face and see whether you’re interested in getting to know the person further.

Our mission is to help people find their partners. Doing this effectively starts with respect. We respect our users’ time by getting them straight to face-to-face interactions without all the wasted swiping time. Swiping may help show more ads but it doesn’t help people fall in love.

We respect our users’ safety and comfort by using social logins to discourage spam and make reporting easy to quickly get rid of people who aren’t here for the right reasons. We want Ever to be a pleasant part of your journey toward love – not something you have to deal with.

Finally, we respect our users’ hearts. We’re constantly working to improve the app and improve matches to minimize the time between when you install the app and when you meet the one.